Thursday, 20 September 2012

Two Years Old

Another day, another morning waking up on Symi. This is this morning's 180º panorama from our balcony, looking inland.
Had quite a domestic morning before heading out for a light snack at the Trata. We had hoped to catch the bus  up to the Chorio but it is out of action for a day or two - a young soldier crashed into it on his motorbike last night, and is in a bad way in hospital in Rhodes. bus driver was shaken up but otherwise unharmed as were the passengers.
Crisp white uniforms on display on the front.
We walked up to the Chorio, catching the Agia Panagia docking niftily by the clocktower.
Having climbed up the hill - we then proceeded to walk down the other side to Pedi Beach. This bike has seen better days…
Spent a very enjoyable afternoon down in Pedi, alternating between Tolis taverna, the sunbeds and the sea. Once the sun started to drop, it was time to think about the walk back to Yialos. Loved this pile of timber by the boatyard.
Late afternoon sun through eucalyptus leaves.
Looking over the valley. Now back at our apartment drinking a very reasonable dry white wine that works out at 2€ a litre! 
This day a year ago, we were glad we'd returned from our camping trip the day before as the rain had arrived in force. Also celebrated the first anniversary of this blog, which is therefore two years old today! Many thanks to all our readers over those two years - we look set to reach more than  40,000 page-views by the end of this month!

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