Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dentist, Guitar Case, Flowers & Widcombe Sights

A bright start to the day with interesting cloud formations.
The sun caught our roses reaching for the sky.
Off to the dentist at Bathampton for a check-up. Basically OK, but booked in for a deep clean after we get back from Symi. Something to look forward to…
After that it was back to Sounds International once more - the case they gave me in exchange yesterday was labelled as dreadnought size, but was in fact for a classical guitar. Luckily, they had one in stock that did not have any other faults. After that it was back home, when I managed to get the proofreading stuff sent off at last. Then it was time to take Bella out for her afternoon walk - these blackberries are ripening nicely.
 Roses starting to get a little tired.
Sloes - ready for making gin?
A stand of anenomes.
The newly mown fields stood out in the afternoon light.
Today's umbellifer picture.
More thistle down ready to blow away and guarantee a bumper crop next Summer.
Another fading rose.
This is probably one of the best window stickers I have ever seen!
On the same van. 
This evening, we went out to the White Hart in Widcombe for a bite to eat. Before we went in, we had a stroll around the immediate area. This gnomic inscription was on the Baptist Chapel - sounds good, but I have no idea what it means!
Pretty bridge crossing the canal.
Some modern stained glass.
For all passing helicopter and plane pilots - a chilling message, "Prepare to meet your God."!
This day a year ago, we'd spent the day being domestic before going for dim sum in Bristol as our reward. Before that, Su took this action picture of me struggling to get our camper van awning into its canvas bag.

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