Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sun, Flowers, Leaves, Tiles and Baled Hay

Another beautiful sunset last night, once again promising good weather for the next day.
The promise was fulfilled this morning, as these marigolds gleaming in the sunshine demonstrated.
Blue skies with a few wisps of cloud.
The back garden of the neighbours who trimmed their tree yesterday - must have been their annual gardening session:-).
Red robin leaves shone out in the morning sun.
More leaves looking good.
The first golden rod I've seen this year, also looking good in the sun.
A pretty honeysuckle flower.
At home, the crab apples have ripened and dropped (good food for wildlife) - a few still hanging on to the tree.
Got to grips with the re-tiling - matchsticks make great (and cheap) tile spacers.
Took Bella out for an afternoon stroll to find that my prediction that the mown grass in Charlcombe Valley wouldn't be used for hay was wrong - fields full of bales greeted us. A lot easier to walk on than the newly mown grass was.
A close-up of a monkey puzzle tree (auracaria) up near the churchyard.
Bella found a really big stick and proceeded to carry it up the hill.
A very red painting and some children's books being given away (no eggs today).
A display of pavement/road art - handprints in different coloured chalk.
An escaped balloon.
A solo glove left lying on a hedge. Another for the abandoned garments collection.
This day a year ago, we had our chimney re-lined (free of charge) to replace the substandard liner originally fitted. Su thought she had drowned her laptop keyboard (but it turned out to be a fault as a later blog reveals) and I dropped her down to see Jane Eyre before we went for what turned out to be one of our last visits to the local curry pub - more of that another time, perhaps.
Tonight, we're meeting up with Janie - daughter of the friend whose guitar I inherited. We haven't seen her for a very long time, so it will be great to catch up with her news. She is in Bath for work (stage managing a production at the Ustinov Studio).

We're also starting to get really excited about our imminent return to Greece - this time next week, we'll soon be touching down on Rhodes - off to Symi the next day!

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