Monday, 24 September 2012

St Nick's for the Afternoon

Last night we went to a barbecue party at a great apartment on the way to Harani which Hilary et al are renting. Had a lovely time, and then ended up at Eva's Bar afterwards.
This morning, a yoga/tai chi class on the roof of the Opera House opposite our apartment - very relaxing accompaniment to breakfast…
We  went to look at a couple of places that we might stay in on future Symi visits. While we were waiting for the estate agent to arrive, we wandered round some streets we hadn't ventured up before.
Great colours as paint fades over time. 
Vistas new. 
Of course, you put old millstones by new water pipes…
We then just managed to catch the taxi-boat to St Nicholas beach from Yialos - saved us a long walk (the bus is still in Rhodes being repaired after the accident last week and will be out of action a while longer). Passed the Proteus on the way out of the harbour).
The Pagia Skiadeni on the other side of the harbour. 
I see no ships… 
Spent a very relaxing afternoon dipping in and out of the water, having lunch, reading, listening to my iPod and snoozing in front of this view. Hard work, but somebody has to do it!
Then it was time to head back to Yialos.
This day a year ago, We went to Carol Peace's open studio day at the Paintworks in Bristol. She is a superb sculptor, who we have enjoyed ever since we first saw her work at Broomhill Art House Hotel near Barnstaple.
I forgot to mention earlier that Saturday night saw me up at the Sunrise Cafe, playing with George Strachan on my new guitar. Looks like we are set for a repeat booking this coming Saturday....

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