Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Just One Day on Symi

After spending a very productive afternoon using the WiFi in the Plaza Hotel on Rhodes yesterday afternoon, it was time to get down to Kolonna harbour to wait for the ferry to Symi. This was the scene waiting for the ferry to arrive.
The Dodecanese Express arriving with just one destination showing - Symi!
Arriving by the clocktower at Symi, where I was met by Su, and the minibus up to the Opera House. Glad I didn't have to trundle my case all the way there myself!
After a quick unpack, it was time to leave for a swift beer before catching the bus up to the Chorio for the evening's main event. Time for a quick shot across the the harbour on the way.
Up on the Kalistrata outside the Symi Dream shop, something like 250 people turned up to celebrate 10 years on the island by Neil (who had an excellent slide show of some of his many photographs showing later on)…
… and James, his partner (who writes the excellent Symi Dream blog) who gave a lovely piano recital of half a dozen pieces preceding the slide show.
Then hunger kicked in, so it was a swift descent down the Kalistrata to the Trata for vegetarian mezzes, joined by Richard and Barbara. We then adjourned to Eva's Bar before finally calling it a night. This morning, I was able to appreciate more fully the beauty of our apartment's setting - this is the 180ยบ view from our terrace at the top of the stairs

Had Barbara and Richard round for a visit this morning, and then strolled down to the front for a drink and a spot of people watching, past this bougainvillaea
The harbour got quite crowded at one stage with the Nikolaos, Symi, Proteus and Agia Panagea all in at the same time.
Another mode of transport - the Iapetos horse-drawn carriage.

Later on, we strolled along to Nos beach for a late afternoon swim, and then sat and had a beer while we watched various boats sail in and out of the harbour.

Yet another mode of Symi transport - the (in)famous Symi train.

 Close up of a cactus spotted near Nos beach.
 A sunset cloud looking west from our apartment.
This day a year ago, there was no blog post as we were still camping in WiFi-less sites.

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