Thursday, 6 September 2012

Birthday Balloon, Dick Willows and Westonbirt

Out with Bella this morning on another late start to the day, saw this "13 today" balloon on a neighbour's door. A teenage party tonight?
Ivy fruits forming nicely - another sign that Summer is on its way out, and Autumn coming in.
We wandered over to Dick Willows to get some kindling to accompany our newly full woodstore.
They sell all sorts of things outside…
 …and inside. This is the upstairs emporium, just full of interesting and unusual stuff.
It goes on and on - the entire top floor of the building.
 In both directions.
Su was really taken with this floral chandelier.
Later on, we swung by the VW garage to get our Westonbirt membership cards from the glove compartment of the van (the breakdown was due to the alternator belt snapping, so not a vast and costly disaster mercifully! I'll find out exactly when I pick it up tomorrow…). Then it was off to the arboretum in dappled sunshine, with very few people about.
The acers have started to turn - this one looked lovely against the clear blue sky.
All over the arboretum, the trees are starting to lose their green lushness and take on autumn hues.
A perfect afternoon.
How could you resist these ice creams? We didn't, although I wasn't convinced by Guinness ice cream, plumping instead for  a tasty Honey & Lavender.
Back at the car, we found we were next to The Paw Seasons car - last seen outside Primrose Woods in Bath.
This day a year ago, out walking Bella I saw this old Austin A5 that reminded me of my childhood. This was before  dropping the van off (another theme emerging here…?) for the new gear box and clutch to be fitted. A full day ensued, ending in a glass of wine and a PieMinister pie.

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