Thursday, 27 September 2012

Nimborio Return

A very warm day - too hot for our previously planned walk around the wine presses on the top of the island, so instead we caught the boat to Nimborio. Waiting for it to go, we noticed that it was a glass-bottomed boat through which we could see loads of little fish in the harbour.
We know from previous danglings of our feet off a jetty in Pedi that you can get your feet nibbled by little fish. Wonder if they are the same type as the ones used in Aqua Divina, as advertised on the boat?
This big cruise ship, the  "Orient Queen" from Valetta, was in port as we set off. 
This lovely boat and others had anchored round the bay from Nos beach so the big ship could berth in Yialos.
Coming into Nimborio bay, this swish boat was anchored. 
Settled onto sunbeds with shade under the tamarisk trees and looked out at the sun-baking jetty positions. 
I have this view on my laptop's desktop at home - I resisted the urge to move a cursor around:-)!
The day passed by so quickly until it was time to catch the boat back. We had considered walking back, but it was still far too hot. Noticed clouds in the sky!
After a five minute tour of the other side of the bay in the glass-bottomed boat, it was time to set off back to Yialos. 
One thing about clouds and brilliant sunshine is that the sunsets are more spectacular, like tonight's… 
This day a year ago, the sun started to come up and the weather warmed up again - enough for me to do yet more painting. Took Bella for a walk in my favourite place to find this field yielding its third hay crop of the year - this year it has managed just one.
Tomorrow night sees George Strachan and me singing and playing guitar, and James Collins of Symi Dream playing piano in aid of the Syrian refugees. This happens at the gallery on the KaliStrata (look for the Mona Lisa at the top of steps with writing in various languages on your right as you come up the steps to the KaliStrata bar). If you can get along, please do - it starts at about 8 0'clock.

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