Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Flowers, Cranes and Van Time

Fell asleeep while working on the blog in front of the TV, so here's a delayed round up of yesterday. Pretty buddleia flowers are all around at the moment, as I saw when I took Bella out yesterday morning.
I liked this combination of mallow and valerian flowers. 
Something that eats bindweed flowers!!! 
We went to the tip (oh, such unbounded joy!), and enjoyed the site of these cranes on the other side of the river where housebuilding is proceeding. 
A close glimpse of the gasometer while we waited for a slot to park up in the tip. 
After a coffee at the Secret Garden Cafe at Prior Park Garden Centre, headed for home and passed this demolition site - where empty flats stood for ages, a new student residence will be built. 
Spent the afternoon working on van improvements (specifically poppers on curtains) and a spot of tree stump removal in the back garden before heading off to Pilates - saw this dubious logo on a car windscreen on my way there.
White buddleia on the way. 
Purple buddleia next to it. 
St Saviour's church looked resplendent in the evening sunshine 
This day a year ago, we were down in the park near Pulteney Bridge, appreciating this statue of Price Bladud and one of his pigs… 

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