Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sun, Berries, Flowers…

Yesterday saw me walking Bella with this sight of a saucepan on the newsagents' wall catching my eye.
Little Solsbury seen from Malvern Terrace in the bright morning sunshine.
Blackberries are ripening nicely in this spell of sunshine.
Fulsome clump of ragwort in its usual place.
A new artwork assemblage?
Su baked a loaf and some yummy rolls.
In the afternoon, we took Bella for a walk in Primrose Woods and stayed underneath the trees so she (and we) didn't get too hot.
A grand insectarium.
Bees were all over these flowers.
Nice clouds over Bath.
What looks like a pile of old sticks is some animals' home!
The buddleia were out and smothered with butterflies
Looking back up the path.
Rowan berries starting to turn.
Having got the van modifications almost finished, I installed some new memory (the green bit below) in a client's dusty Macintosh - it goes a bit faster now!
This day a year ago, I came across my first ever abandoned fork.

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