Monday, 14 July 2014

Nature Watch in Coniston

Day 10 of our trip away! Our plans for heading up into the West of Scotland have been put on hold after consulting the midge forecast site (and in the pub yesterday afternoon, seeing someone's legs after they'd just returned from a trip up there)! So, we hung out in the campsite yesterday being domestic - Su doing the washing and me cleaning out the van. Again, no blog post yesterday because of slo-o-o-o-o-o-w Internet connection. Doing this early in the morning before the rest of the site wake up.
After lunch we walked down into Coniston village. These sheep were not impressed with Bella's passage. 
Nor was this one… 
… and these looked like they wouldn't let us pass - till they stepped aside. 
Interesting (de)sign .
Wild raspberries lined our path …
… which was on the route of an old railway line - like so many, closed in the 1960s.
Coniston Mountain Rescue Station. 
Well that's clear, then! 
Coniston slate became famous for its range of colours, in part due to the presence of copper that was also mined here 
The Old Man of Coniston dominates the town. 
Great sign, if you can actually read it. The planting rather negates the message! 
We had a pint in the garden of the Sun Hotel, parts of which are 400 years old. This entrance hall mosaic floor was rather splendid 
"Built by subscription in 1882". 
Great star shaped ferns. 
Looking back at the Old Man again. 
 Walking back to the campsite, the lake was really blue
I'd never seen a piebald donkey before - Su pointed out that it was most likely a mule!
Lovely horses at Spoon Hall. 
Another brave sheep. 
This day a year ago, I spent a lot of time in the garden looking at the sky - when I wasn't being bemused by this notice when I went to get the paper. 

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