Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sunshine, Film and Lots of Signs

Went down into town late this morning, passing this interesting door decoration on the way.
That's what you get in a city… 
Popped into this amusingly titled pottery exhibition - the name was the best part about it. 
Good advertising outside the PC repair shop on Walcot Street 
 What else would you expect to find in a shoe shop?
We went to the Little Theatre to see Begin Again, a rather lightweight feelgood film.
Waiting for the bus back up the hill outside the Abbey, looking at  various modes of transportation from feet to prams to buses…
Took Bella out for an early evening walk, and watched the clouds massing over Little Solsbury - thought the skies were going to open at one stage.
Another white buddleia caught my eye. 
Pretty flowers. 
This day a year ago, we saw this helpful button in Homebase - every home should have one!

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