Monday, 28 July 2014

Apples, UWE and Westonbirt

Out with Bella this morning, I spotted these ripening apples.
Went into UWE to discuss upcoming teaching in Hong Kong - the sunshine makes it look much more attractive.
Further along the campus, it is a building site - plans for more include a football stadium.
On the roundabout at the front of the University, some pretty planting. 
I decided to take Bella off for an evening walk at Westonbirt - this was the weather I headed into as I left Bath.
The rain never materialised thankfully. At Westonbirt, you now enter through the new visitor centre - a curved structure much distorted in this panoramic view. 
Liked this cloudy tree. 
Grand maple. 
 Pretty flowers on this tree.
Took a path I've not walked before, and found these tree trunks in the process of being turned into planks.
Further along the path, more tree trunk cutting.
Evidence of previous high winds. 
Evidence of charcoal making (and a lovely aroma to accompany it). 
Umbellifer time. 
Another umbellifer. 
The fields above the woods are full of thistle down. 
The skies started to clear as Bella and I finished our walk. 
This day a year ago, we were also at Westonbirt ahead of forecast rain - and were entranced by Eldoradog at the entrance.

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