Monday, 7 July 2014

On The Road to Belper

Last night's sunset at the Clent Hills campsite.
Looking south towards the Malvern Hills with the moon high in the sky.
Today, we successfully drove straight through the middle of a much redeveloped (since we lived there) Birmingham and out the other side, with only one going back on ourselves scenario near Fort Dunlop. Somewhere on the way, we saw this brutalist sculpture on a roundabout.
Made our way to Lichfield, passing some dreaming spires on the way.
Stopped for lunch in a pub en route, where Bella allowed me a close up snap.
Pretty bug trying to infiltrate our bedding at our destination for the day.
The view from the campsite - at Belper.
Haven't fallen down any yet…
This day a year ago, I walked Bella across the Bath municipal golf course above Victoria Park.

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