Thursday, 3 July 2014

Van Preparation, Butterfly Release and An Abundance of Flowers

Last night's sunset kept on going for ages…
Off to Prior Park Garden Centre this morning. 
Coffee and breakfast at the Secret Garden Cafe. 
Spent most of the day sorting out the van ready to head off for a few days. This afternoon, our neighbour brought round his hatched butterflies for us to see before he released them in a nearby nettle patch. 
Out with Bella early evening, I admired lots of flowers starting with this mallow. 
Ragwort is out again. 
More blackberries in flower. 
A fine specimen of a bindweed flower. 
Flower spikes. 
These crocosmia are very early into flower 
Sharon rose. 
Edging a flower bed by a driveway, saw this interesting stonework. 
This day a year ago, we returned from our Shropshire trip to find our grapelets growing well.

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