Sunday, 20 July 2014

Bury to Oswestry then Back to Bath

Catching up with the last few days, we started Friday morning in Bury, where the East Lancs railway train puffed its way past the campsite a few times before we left.
On our way South and West, we stopped at a service station on the M56 on the way to Chester, where I found bullrushes in the lee of a pylon when I took Bella for a walk.
We headed for Oswestry to see Nikki And Elaine,who was overcome with her chocolate sundae at dinner :-)
Woke up yesterday morning to the rain and the sight of their beautiful garden.
Nikki in one of his more restrained shirts.
Decided that the weather forecast of thunder, lightning, rain and hail were not an ideal recipe for camping with an old dog, and that we had established that the remodelled van had proved to be very acceptable after two weeks on the road. So we headed for home, stopping off for a break at Bodenham Arboretum (where Ben & Lena had their wedding party nearly five years ago!). Su admired the rain on these berries, which made them look like jewels.
Su also spotted these two trees growing out of a tree stump used as a gate post.
We had a drink and a piece of cake in the arboretum cafe, complete with a four seasons mural around the skylight.
The skylight from above - where the lawn is its roof.
Our next pit stop before Stroud saw Bella sunbathing.
This day a year ago - also in the van - we came back from Cornwall, passing Bristol Airport on the way.

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