Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Out and About - Four Counties in One Day!

Off to Westonbirt in the van this morning for the first time since we've been back from Greece. 
The trees looked lovely on such a sunny morning. 
Umbellifers were on good form too. 
Lovely little flowers - I think these are bee orchids? 
This odd statue looked better with sunshine on it, and not surrounded by mud.
Charcoal oven ready to burn - a long, slow job to watch over them. 
We stopped off at the cafe for a coffee, and Su managed to catch this brave, inquisitive robin as it waited for some crumbs.
Looking back at the new visitor entrance from the new car park (which doesn't offer so many opportunities to pull up the van and have a brew in nice surroundings as the old one). 
After that, we dropped Bella off at home for a snooze and zoomed over to Congresbury to meet up with Richard and Barbara to celebrate his birthday over a tasty mezze lunch. On the way, we saw this bored horse rider, complete with fag in mouth, unimpressed with his hesitatnt steed.
Stopped off here on the way back to Richard and Barbara's for a coffee - I was much taken with the gate decorations. 
Off down the road to see Stephen and play some music this evening.

This day a year ago, there was no blog because we were visiting Elaine and Nikki and were talking too much to post anything for a couple of days…

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