Sunday, 20 July 2014

Cake, Wine, Skies and Flowers

Out and about this afternoon to get some bits for the van after our two weeks testing it out, we passed this sign on some traffic lights. Either it's on in the early hours of tomorrow, or dusk will be unseasonally early today!
Shopping afterwards, Su spotted this birthday cake - surely is it is a DIY cake, it should be a packet of flour, some fat and some icing sugar?:-)
Couldn't resist this bottle with a name like that. Maybe Kev at the Sunrise Kafeneion on Symi could trample some of their grapes for a limited edition competitor? 
Interesting skies over Keynsham 
Out with Bella for an early evening walk once it cooled down a bit, Little Solsbury looked pretty good.
It all happens here - apologies for not consulting residents about the amended grass mowing schedule to leave wildlife areas with a QR code for gauging public response!
Our neighbours' clematis is in full bloom. They are moving on Thursday (the humans, not the flowers) so we'll have new people to get to know next door. 
This day a year ago, coincidentally I was admiring our clematis flowers which were enjoying the burst of warmer weather. 

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