Friday, 4 July 2014

Flowers, Behatted Buddha and Blackberries on the Way

We postponed the start of our camping trip until tomorrow. Walked down to Larkhall with Su and saw lots of buddleia on the way.
Another fine specimen. 
Lovely roses in a front garden. 
A very patriotic display, if not to my taste. 
Buddleia rampant. 
On these fuchsias, another colour scheme I found a little challenging 
Bright yellow flowers. 
More big buddleia flower heads 
Up by Worcester Villas at the back of St Marks School, we were invited to look around this community garden, the members of which are also involved in running a garden club with the school.
The garden. 
A pond that used to be a rubbish tip. 
A nicely behatted Buddha in a front garden. 
A decorative bird in the same garden. 
Pretty red flower. 
Blackberries starting to swell up nicely. 
Bella coming down the path. 
This day a year ago, our honeysuckle was coming along well. 

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