Tuesday, 12 May 2015

May already!

Well it's nearly the middle of May and we've been to Symi and come back again for a short while - before we go back again.  So here - mainly in chronological sequence - are some pictures from the last month or so. Starting with a few photographs of the excellent Symi Dance Show from just over a week ago

Before that we'd started in Chania on Crete
Snow on the White Mountains seen from the town.
From there, we went to Rhodes where we spotted this street art.
A view of the sea from one of the many historic parts of Rhodes Old Town
The House of Pain (complete with German Consulate on top - a message for the Greek economy?)
Sugar free clothes!
Walking through the Pedi valley on Symi, our nostrils were alerted to this striking but stinking plant (pollinated by flies because of its aroma of dead animal).
Poppies - lots of flowers still in abundance in late April/early May in Greece before the heat sets in.
A mezze lunch at the Olive Tree
The Symi has a new logo
Koukoumas celebrations
The view from high in the Chorio
Walking down to Yialos on the main road affords this lovely vista.
Looking across to Nimos with calm morning waters
A large and fearless insect 
Panorama of the view from Yialos out to sea
Another stinker!
Enormous irises
Managed to get in some playing!
Sunrise the morning we left Symi to come back to cold Bath…
Moonset over Symi in the other direction.
Our transport to Rhodes - the Panagia Skiadeni
This day a year ago, Su had already manage dto escape to Symi while I stayed in the UK for marking before joining her later in the month. Walked Bella down to the churchyard at Charlcombe and enjoyed the lovely lilac.