Saturday, 16 October 2010

I asked M how to take a pic on this machine - now I know! Today we took advantage of the sun and headed off to the woods - Clutton woods where we used to live. Well not IN the woods but just up the road. In fact they were the best part of living round there and hopefully no one from the village will be reading this! So just in case - I love you all..mwah!!
Today's instalment of escape plan - Symi for 3 weeks in April and NOT going in June. In April we shall walk, walk, walk. We can house-hunt and practice our Greek and walk some more...and then there's our first Easter in Greece. Can't wait.
And a warm welcome to our new followers, one of whom is an old copy-cat. Yes, Norman, you know I mean you!!

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  1. Old, copy-cat... sadly I can't argue with either of these