Saturday, 30 October 2010

Urges of a technological nature

Now that we've got next Easter sorted (see previous contribution) thoughts roam to WHAT TO GIVE iM FOR XMAS? We usually arrange a mini-holiday instead of exchanging gifts but after the fiasco of last year's efforts with us only enjoying 2009 festive present a couple of weeks ago (Lisbon) this year he's going to get something wrapped in paper.
He wants an iPad but so do I! Who'll be the lucky one? Watch this space...


  1. In Past Times, in the Gateshead Metro Centre I spotted an old-fashioned slate & chalk - much cheaper and you could both have one!

  2. Or you could have a wild day out on the newly reopened Weston Pier. I hear that a few of the hideously expensive new rides haven't broken down yet.