Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Still walking, still sight-seeing.

Another sunny, warm day on our short break holiday. We've looked at exhibitions and monuments and parks and much much more! Both Su & I have taken lots of photographs, so we'll have to publish a photographic special on our return to Blighty (which is predicted to be shiveringly cold to welcome us back). One memorable picture is of police officers riding Segways round a crowded square... Why?! Can they not walk any more? Are Segways faster than a running person? - I somehow doubt it.

While strolling around in this most pleasant environment, Su managed to come up with a fantasy of me being kidnapped, suffering with beri-beri and being whipped by cruel kidnappers while they waited for the ransom to arrive! The question she was debating with herself was would she accept the first offer for the house in order to pay the ransom, or would she hold out for a higher price? Charming! So, just in case it ever happens, I'll get in an appeal to readers for donations to the kidnap fund now! Also, if this is what travelling does for Su's imagination, maybe I should retire to Bognor (NOT!!!) :-)

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