Thursday, 7 October 2010

Su's watching "Mad Men" ...

...and feeling tired, so I'm doing a sneaky blog post while she's not looking.

Tonight we went for a curry down the road at out local pub and talked about next Summer's extended trip, so today we're toying with the idea of living on a Greek island for a month.  We also talked abut the possibility of my taking voluntary severance from UWE and drawing my occupational pension (while it still exists under this Government, after today's news of Lord Hutton's forthcoming report..), applying for other jobs in the UK for a year or two, and then thinking what to do after that.  So many possibilities!

We went to see the disappointing film "Made in Dagenham" last night,  which attempted to be feel-good about the dispute at Fords. On the way out back to the car, we saw these roadworks (at night!).  Note the gaggle of men standing around.

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  1. "Mad Men" is indeed consistently excellent!

    Are you not in USS? If so it's a private scheme and so not affected by Con-Dem fiat.

    I debate retiring more and more. My feeling is that if I'm mostly going to be in Edinburgh, which seems likely, and if I mostly like my job, which right now I do though that is subject to violent change, then I might as well go on working and drawing my salary, until there's something I'd definitively rather do instead.