Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Found out that the house up the road which is smaller than ours from the outside but stretched and extended every which way from the back, is worth £100,000 more than ours!! Let's sell up said M hopefully! Only if we can go and live on a Greek island I replied. Subject closed. Meanwhile we are planning to go to Symi twice next year - two weeks in April and four weeks (well I'll be there but M can only do two) in June. Have found an apartment to rent with views, aircon and heating (for April as it can get nippy in the evenings). Now just have to work out how to get there. There's bound to be a flight from Gatwick to Rhodes but will there be a ferry? Greek ferry companies are a law unto themselves so timetables can't be relied on but have found out that the mayor of Symi is on the board of ANES (a Greek ferry company operating the Aegean) so hopefully he'll be using his influence to keep the island's economy going!
Meanwhile my dog-walking duties continue and today we met one of Bella's friends.
Her name is Lily, she's a labradoodle and absolutely bonkers!

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