Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Su's now cycling around Africa...

... at least in her bedtime reading!  She has finished and passed on for my bedtime reading "It's All Greek to Me", about someone going to live in Greece.

This afternoon I've been a bit less adventurous and had the joy of driving to Melksham (where Dyson vacuum cleaners used to be assembled before that was moved to Malaysia)  to visit a Knowledge Transfer Associate working there.  Actually, every time I drive to Melksham it is really nice weather - and today was no exception, having started off like this in Bath's Victoria Park

Another good thing about driving is that I get a chance to catch up on my iPod listening backlog.  I always have a queue of programmes I have recorded from the BBC to listen to - I am currently nearing the end of a 2+ years' catch up on Radio 4's "The Film Programme".  Seeing as I teach a module called Moving Image Technology, this is quite a good way of taking in loads of really relevant stuff (and really interesting, as well!).

 Su has also got "Driving in Europe" and "Rail Travel in Europe" (or similar titles) from the library, as part of our preparation for next Summer's extended trip.  Long before then, we'll soon be off to Lisbon for a short trip, so may decide that is where we want to live!  

Still no clarity about what Su &/or I might actually do.  I think that whatever it is must be location- independent, and Internet-able.  I am toying with consultancy services online, using email, websites and Skype.  Or maybe I should set up a business showing people how to do it!  All bright ideas gratefully received :-)!!

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  1. For getting around without flying, the place to start is - lots of good advice there.

    We went by train to Toulon (nr. Marseilles) for a couple of weeks - the journey was really pleasant.

    But why is travelling by train so much more expensive than flying?