Friday, 22 October 2010

Another look at Lisbon

These two images were such a lovely surprise - the top one is graffiti that reminded us of Banksy (maybe it is the real thing!) The other pic was taken in a small craft shop which sold "unusual" items which you will have probably have worked out by now. Also selling toys made from sardine cans. (Lisbon'a a tad obsessed with this fish...we found a shop dedicated to selling different varieties which they would giftwrap for you if
Lovely Lisbon. Wish I was still there apart from the food (tasteless) and the coffee (undrinkable). But one thing they can do is make cakes. And bread. And pastries. So delicious and always fresh.
We are now thinking of spending
our April break touring round
Spain but who knows what will happen next?
I'm tuning into a really good
blog written by a couple who are
touring mainland Greece. Sounds
wonderful....maybe that's what we
should do???

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