Sunday, 3 October 2010


Sorry to harp on about pets but not only am I being stalked by Randall - see pic of him keeping an eye on me while I'm reading - but we are also surrounded by other people's moggies. On our terrace (19 houses) there are at least 20 of them - 5 of them (see above) just in one house! (the three pictured above + two others probably pooing in my flower beds). This feline frenzy is a constant source of irritation and conversation. Not a day goes by when I'm doorstepped by someone complaining or cooing about one or more of the little darlings. We only planned to have one cat as a sort of replacement for our beloved collie (Tempo) who died suddenly....but our cat would only move in if it could bring it's sister and then we decided to get another dog anyway - tra, la! So back to my being stalked. For the last few days Randall has been following me around everywhere, meowing and mewling like one demented. Every time I move he moves. I sit, he sits......on me! M thinks it might be something to do with the rain!!!!!

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