Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I really, really didn't feel like going for a walk today...wall to wall greyness, drizzle and cold. But Bella is always keen and a fine example to us all! Decided to go up to racecourse as it's the highest point round here and you can get 2.5 furlong stretch whatever that is. Actually it wasn't so bad. A slight breeze, cool rather than cold, rain stopped and Bella found a huge branch to carry round the track so she was happy. The views on a clear day are stunning - three bridges (the two Severn crossings and Clifton Suspension Bridge) - bits of Wales, Somerset and Wiltshire. Today could just about make out Bristol but my reward for being virtuous was the birds! Seagulls by the dozen, at least 100 rooks, swallows/swifts (can't tell the difference) sitting on wires as they do at this time of year and a flock of skylarks dancing overhead. It was truly wonderful. Didn't have pic with me but will showcase pic I took in Lisbon.

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