Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Day of Meetings...

Been going from room to room to sit and discuss various matters all day - although I had a drive to Melksham and back as well - and the sun shone again, and I only have two-and-a-bit Film Programmes to listen to, and I am up to date with those - until Friday afternoon! After that, I still have piles of stuff to listen to and to view.  Life's too short!

Yesterday morning at dawn, the view out of the back of our house was this:-

while this afternoon, it was this:-

Lovely, but the temperature is dropping fast now!

Su and I are still talking (of course :-)!) about where and when and for how long and why, so our plans for next Summer are still fluid.  As far as what to do as far as work is concerned, I think I will stay on at UWE a bit longer, and lay escape plans for when I do leave - portable, Internet-enabled money earning activity that does not take all day is what I'm looking for.

I hope that my brother, Robin, can read this now - for some reason he wasn't seeing the blog yesterday.  I threatened/promised I would mention him and Jean at some stage, as well as my sister Jane and hubby Geoff.  One day, I may tell the story here of how we found each other just last year, even though they are both older than me. That was (and is) life-changing!!!

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