Sunday, 30 June 2013

Brum Again

Last night's sunset.
 Went to see Lena…
… and Ben.
We had a lovely lunch.
Went for a walk with Bella in Kings Heath Park around recently cleared areas.
Highbury House, Joseph Chamberlain's old residence - just been sold by the Council to become a hotel apparently.
After that, we have come over to the west of Birmingham to the Clent campsite near Halesowen.
You see all sorts of things on campsites…
This day a year ago, the weather was decidedly mixed - often at the same time.
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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sunshine, Steam Train and Lenticular Clouds

A lovely sunny morning, highlighting these flowers growing out of the wall.
Went down into town so Su could pick some stuff up from M&S. I waited in the car, avoiding the traffic wardens and enjoying the warmth. 
Regulation issue window boxes for listed buildings in Bath .
On the way back home, we saw this steam train (the Tangmere) leaving the station and tooting its horn.
The new bus station and Southgate development. 
Crossing the River Avon. 
Arriving back home, saw these unusually shaped clouds - I think they are lenticular. 
Took Bella out later on and enjoyed this view of Solsbury Hill in full sun. It was a lovely afternoon. 
Spike and Ash were out keeping an eye on passers-by. Bella and I went over to say "Hello". 
I still haven't seen the bull in this field - wonder if the sign is just to keep dog walkers on their toes. Cows and dogs can be a dangerous combination, so caution is a good idea.
After a bit of a drought, spotted an abandoned hairband. 
Just the kind of mature political debate you expect to find on a spare tyre cover:-)
This day a year ago,  spotted these discarded dummies' legs in the back of a truck full of all sorts.
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Friday, 28 June 2013

Band and Van Time

Off to UWE to meet up with Bob and Frank for a band practice. We had a coffee break and saw this notice - wonder if he'd be happy with just a band, or does he want to live in a ska house?
Putting the gear away, noticed some balloons floating away and traced them to this car - somebody's birthday? 
Spent the afternoon working on the van - fixing loose screws inside and fitting new wing mirrors that actually fold back, unlike the old ones. Just need to make sure I actually fold them back when I park:-).
Also fitted new hubcaps - the van looks much swisher with a full set. These are held on with cable ties, so I shouldn't see any more spinning off in the rear view mirror!
Out with Bella, not sure if it was going to rain or not (it did just as we hit the home straight). Saw this new fencing - an opportuity for a fresh tag. 
This day last year, it was warm and humid. Bella coped with it by diving into the Holy Well at Charlcombe church. 
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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Up and Down the Hill to Larkhall

Last night's sunset.
Took Su's car down to Larkhall Garage for some repairs this morning. Passed this extravagantly decorated car on the way back up the hill with Bella.
The side of St Saviour's Church with foundation stone. 
Elderflower in profusion. 
The view to Solsbury Hill across the reclaimed allotments at the bottom of Hampton View. 
Lovely white roses in the sunshine. 
Went off to get some hubcaps for the van and do some supermarket shopping before walkimg down to Larkhall with Bella to pick up Su's car. Admired this newly painted fence on the way.
This day last year, in between the showers I spotted these poppy petals adorned with raindrops. 
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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Logs, Flowers, CDs and Helicopters

Last night's sunset was mildly promising for today's weather.
Out with Bella this morning, under overcast skies saw the effect of leaving CDs out in all weathers - the tracks skip a bit!. 
These elderflowers are doing well…
… as are these not-nettles 
Went off to the place that used to be Dick Willow's - there have been some changes made! 
It is now called Broadlands Cider Farm (I think it is tied in with the community orchard) - has lots of wacky carvings still.
This is at the entrance - certainly eye-catching!
This afternoon, I got out the chainsaw and sawed up some logs. It might be nearly July but the house hasn't properly warmed up yet, so we still need to have a stove going at times! Sawing logs got me warm, especially as the sun came out while I was doing it! Took Bella out for her afternoon stroll and admired these lovely foxgloves in a neighbour's garden.
 Came across these dandelion-like globes.
 Looking over Solsbury Hill with the sun on it.
One of the frequent helicopters that are overflying Bath at the moment - don't know why.
 Some wild gladioli in a neighbour's (wildlife?) garden.
A neighbour's roses. 
This day a year ago, we went to Brean beach where I snapped this seaweed-covered post.
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