Thursday, 6 June 2013

Flowers Wherever You Look and Our Thousandth Blog Post

This is the thousandth posting on the blog - many thanks to all our readers since September 2010.

Out this morning, I enjoyed the flowers in neighbours' gardens. More aliums - they seem very popular this year.
 Some rather flamboyant aqua legia.
A tamarisk tree coming into flower - made me think of St Nicholas beach on Symi…
Plants grow out of the smallest spaces. 
Our clematis in the front garden continues to flower.
Most of my day has been again spent interfacing with the bathroom walls, which are now this colour after two coats of paint. Tomorrow I will not be painting - we may even escape from Bath!
Took Bella out for a walk - spotted these elderflowers soon to be in bloom. Champagne anybody?? 
Proud poppies. 
It's a very good year for lilac - lots of big flowerheads everywhere. 
A peony poking over a garden wall. 
These cows were unimpressed with Bella and me. 
More flowers growing out of a wall. 
Saw this flag flying which I didn't recognise. It looks like three white roses over some waves - Lancashire sailing club? In Bath???
Solsbury Hill.
I've heard of outside toilets, but this is taking things too far:-) 
This day a year ago, we saw the beginnings of grapes on our vine.
Su's news sory of the day (Independent i News Matrix - click on the title for the full Matrix):
A reference to “penetration” in a speech to parliament caused Israel’s Education Minister to burst out laughing; and the footage has gone viral on Israeli websites. Shai Piron, who is also a rabbi, stumbled in his address on a proposed law against smuggling cell phones into Israel’s prisons.

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