Monday, 17 June 2013

Finished Bathroom, Marijuana Clippings andTopiary

Half of the day was spent whittling lino to get floor tiles to fit around the awkwardly shaped bits of bathroom furniture. The bathroom is now officially finished! After lunch, I took Bella out up to the woods at Brockham End.
The truth is out there? 
The woods are fulsome and looked lovely with the dappled sunshine coming through the canopy.
Into the open for a while. 
Lots of umbellifers still out - the flies really liked this variety. Keep your carrots covered if you're a gardener - carrot flies are a pest at the same time as cow parsley is out.
A casualty of high winds - maybe the same ones that blew our garden shed over? 
Came back to the van to find two Community Support Police Officers protecting the public by scooping up these marijuana clippings (they speculated that they were from a skunk farm) that had been dumped at the edge of the woods.  Not what I'd expected to see at the end of our walk!:-)
After that it was off to Didmarton to pick up some edging tiles for the garden.  Great skies.
Interesting topiary in Didmarton. 
This day a year ago, we were down in town to see a film and spotted this hat on a bin when we came out of the cinema. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC news website - click on the title for the full story):

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