Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Where has the sun gone?

Trying to keep the spirits up without any sunshine is a bit of a challenge.   That's why we love going to Greece because the sun shines there most of the time and we need our Vitamin D from natural sources!

Meanwhile it's the first day of Spring apparently. Still grey and drizzly but I've been out to two different garden centres today looking for inspiration after watching a garden makeover programme. Lots of jolly plants but I opted for some herbs - oregano and thyme.   I found out I can divide our ferns which will save a great deal of money as they want £9.50 for a small one!   I know they cost a lot to produce and if you've got the dosh it's a great way to spend it, but if you can find ways to fill your garden without giving up eating then start dividing your plants is what I say.

For those interested in our comings and goings we'll have more news in about 10 days time so you'll have to be patient.....meanwhile we'll carry on sharing the best of our pics.  Today's offering are from our garden and some from the neighbours.....enjoy!

On our window sill