Sunday, 10 October 2010


It's 07.05 and still dark. But I've been up since 6! I woke rather dramatically to sound of dog noises - loud whimpering and scratching to get out of the catflap (she knows this will get our attention). It was already too late. Her latest obsession with eating conkers had worked its way through. I tiptoed through the contents of her nether region to get to backdoor, let her out, grab bucket and mop, find bleach, newspapers and kitchen roll, fall to my knees and start clearing the whole lot up. Did I mention that I had failed to find any clothing before starting this exercise? 10 minutes later, sorted and I'm frozen.
"Everthing all right" mumbles M from the comfort of warm bed.
Humph!!!! I decide to stay up now I'm up, stumble around in the dark to find clothes, downstairs, kettle on, watch Nigella whip up a gooey trifle while she's eating toast. Looks familiar - think I'll just stick to my cup of tea. Oh, and Bella's gone back to sleep!

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