Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Flowers, Films and Elections

After the beautiful weather of Sunday, yesterday was cooler and cloudier - as was today.
Spring flowers coming out. 
Bella sniffing the daffodils. 
These jonquils have come out to show off their pretty mix of colours. 
Buds coming out much in evidence at the moment. 
Bright flowers on this bush in a neighbour's garden. 
I was busy in the afternoon, then went to Pilates and then we went to see Her at the Little Theatre. A bit slow moving to begin with, but some interesting ideas.
Out this morning, spotted this discarded jumper on a street sign.
Went in to UWE to be presented with an array of student election posters, just like this day last year. 
That Obama image continues to be an inspiration… 
Pretty naff design. 
This candidate hasn't been using her spellchecking software - the kind of thing to cause lecturers to shake their heads in despair!
Leaving UWE, I was struck by this display of tulips coming out in the car park. 
Came home to find this still life that Su had left in the kitchen when she went out with Bella. 
In the back garden, our winter-flowering hydrangea is budding nicely. 
This day a year ago, Su dropped me down to the Little Theatre to see Acoustic Routes, a film about Bert Jansch - saw this stunning sunset over George Street on the way.

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