Thursday, 27 March 2014

Steel Tubes and Flowers, Attached and Abandoned

A day at home with an afternoon walk for the three of us.  Our cherry is blossoming once again in a second flush of flowers.
Cowslips coming up in the front garden. 
Gather you rosebud while ye may - in a neighbour's front garden. 
Su spotted these abandoned freesias…
Liked the way this tree was lit up by the afternoon sun. 
An interesting sky looking in the other direction.
Work in progress above where the landslide happened  - loved the steel tubes.
Looking eastwards through the trees, the pylons down by the river stood out in the sunshine.
Forget- me-nots out in profusion. 
This tree through the trees stood out. 
Magnolia flowers plumping up. 
An extravagant detail on a gatepost to a fairly unremarkable house. 
An abandoned beanie hat that Su put on this fence. 
This day a year ago, it was cold with snow flurries and only brightened up a little towards the end of the afternoon.

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