Friday, 7 March 2014

Blossom, Sunshine and Gardenalia

Two days in one - yesterday was another overcast day, but the emerging blossom brought a touch of brightness.
This recently savagely trimmed hedge shows lots of rings.
Lots of catkins about as well. 
Daffodils keep on coming out. 
More blossom against a stark background. 
Su called this a "Heath Robinson" repair to this fence that the recent winds blew down. This will survive future gales much better.
This morning I set off to Nailsea to meet up with Bob for lunch, nattering and some music.  On the way, I stopped to photograph this splendid thorn blossom
… and just down the road I stopped for this one. 
Over at Nailsea, the sun gradually came out and the weather warmed up through the afternoon.
I was impressed by the way that these wreaths have survived the recent deluges and have been left undisturbed. 
Back at Bob's, he was keen to show off some new additions to their astroturf garden - here is their  windmill that lights up at night courtesy of its solar panel.
Its companion is this solar powered lighthouse, which apparently has a rotating light that Bob had to get up in the night to switch off. 
Shock horror! An actual plant, rather than plastic rooted in the astroturf. Bob reassured me that its days were numbered… 
Their latest additions waiting to find their place amongst all their other garden ornamentation - musical gnomes on tractor with solar powered headlights… 
This day a year ago, it was a really murky day as this photo from the top of Lansdown made (un!) clear.

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