Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Flowers, Van Signs and Abandoned Items

The willow at the top of the hill has started to come out.
It was a misty, cold morning with Little Solsbury hard to make out.
Forsythia getting more and more yellow by the day.
This sign made me laugh!
Daffodils in profusion.
An abandoned scarf on this BT box.
 An abandoned blue plastic glove in the gutter.
A splash of brightness from this pot of primulas.
I liked the outline of these bell-shaped flowers.
These flowers edged the pavement 
There are some people you'd like to be able to say this of :-)
This evening, we've been to the Little Theatre to see Under The Skin - probably the oddest film we've ever seen, and quite disturbing in parts.
This day a year ago, I found this on a marker-board in a room I taught in at UWE.

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