Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Primroses, Primulas, Blossom and Daffodils

Out with Bella this morning, I admired this forsythia in bloom.
Primroses, with one rogue primula. 
 The first grass cuttings of the Spring!
Old fashioned colours in this primula 
Dayglo colours on this one… 
Went in to UWE for dissertation supervision session, I admired this cherry blossom and the way it softened the buildings.
Gnomic markings… 
Not sure if this sign was deliberately obscured - nor how much notice would be taken of the injunction against smoking there. 
Went out with Su and Bella as the sun was going down to produce a pretty sky. 
More gnomic pavement markings - these rhyme at least. 
Daffodils are in abundance all over the area. 
This day a year ago, the weather started bright and got brighter as the day went on. 

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