Sunday, 30 March 2014

Films, Obelisk, Weir, Abandoned Items and Mother's Day

Out with Bella this morning, an abandoned sock on a gatepost.
We headed off into town via Lansdown Road - this was the view looking down to St Stephens church. 
Lovely carpet of flowers under these trees. 
We caught the Park & Ride bus down the hill, stopping at Spencers BelleVue on the way - looks like the stonemason missed off the "e" of Belle to begin with (and the apostrophe).
On a lamp post on Milsom Street - I haven't yet read the QR code yet, so I hope it's for a legal, decent and honest site! 
We went down to the Little Theatre to see a preview of Calvary, starring Brendan Gleeson. The poster called it a black comedy but both Su and I thought it was more of a tragedy with comic elements - and a really powerful, good film. 
Afterwards, we went for a bit of a wander and actually stopped to read this plaque in front of the obelisk.
Another plaque by the obelisk which we'd not read before. 
Looking back at the Abbey. 
These apple trees are early into bloom. 
Looking at the weir on the river. 
I liked this conjunction of shapes on the skyline. 
A good sign above the weir - it made some Chinese tourists laugh. 
Pulteney Bridge - one of the few remaining bridges with buildings on, like Florence but this bridge still has traffic crossing it.
Walking up Walcot Street as the bride-to-be came out of the Hilton Hotel to her waiting Bentley.
Out with Bella this afternoon, I admired these ribes flowers. 
Unfortunately found this dead bumble bee on the pavement. 
An abandoned earring had been carefully placed on this house sign on Charlcombe Lane. 
Looking out over to Little Solsbury. 
Forsythia bush in full flower, alongside a rather lurid-coloured car. 
Sharp colour to this euphorbia. 
A nice display of blossom on this cordon of trees. 
A glove abandoned in the hedge. 
This shrub has been rather sharply bound up and trimmed.
An abandoned glove in the gutter. 
This day a year ago, abandoned gloves were also the theme of the day. 

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