Friday, 14 March 2014

Close Up On Misted Flowers

A cold and misty morning - this wasn't a black and white photograph, just really murky out there.
The mist had settled on these primroses poking out from the undergrowth. 
Blossom brightening up the gloom. 
Our erysimum at the bottom of the garden was bejewelled with mistiness as well. 
More moist erysimum flowers. 
Our ranuncuus at the front of the house had also been sprinkled. 
Another ranunculus. 
Went over to Nailsea to see Bob and play a bit of music (Frank not able to get over). On our way back from lunch at the pub, spotted this abandoned beanie hat on the ground.
Nailsea catkins with flowering rosemary in the background. 
This day a year ago, the van was really sick but this was the last time I took one of these photographs. Injecting money into it has kept it working well all year - coming up to its next service and MoT test. 

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