Monday, 24 March 2014

Cold , Shrimp Ornament and Flowers

Off at UWE this morning doing a Multimedia Systems lecture for Frank Maddix - realised afterwards that I'd just given the last ever content lecture on the module (it finishes this year), which I gave the first lecture on 14 years ago! Out with Bella this afternoon, the early sun had faded but flowers were still out.
Bright blossom at the back of Brendan's house. 
It was a cold and grey afternoon. 
I liked the bark on this silver birch. 
 More pretty flowers starting to line the side of a path.
Bella sniffed her way past this vast swathe of daffodils below Summerfield Terrace
In the hole down from the bus stop at the top of the hill, there is some progress - a bigger hole, with this high-tech assembly. Not sure what connecting a cable to this gadget has to do with the bus stop - hopefully all will be revealed before too long.
Every few months, Bella has a hankering to go down this path at the back of College View and Solsbury View. It used to connect with our Kingdsdown View at the bottom, but that way through has been fenced off.
 An odd wind-powered artefact in the shape of a shrimp in a back garden!
Saw a stone carver at work at the top of Fairfield Terrace. Had quite a long chat to him, and about his competition to win a free 44" high cast dragon (at
 Home to our ever-expanding display of ranunculus.
This day a year ago, it was another cold day (with snow threatened) when I noticed these flowerpot characters on a neighbour's front wall. 

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