Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Total UWE day Through Glasses Darkly

Out with Bella this morning, grey skies and wind.
Despite the clouds, there was a lot of UV radiation about, as I realised when I saw how dark my light-sensitive glasses had become.
These pretty little flowers looked great. 
Sticker on a car rear window. 
The skies temporarily brightened up. 
Most of my day was spent in Q Block of UWE, sadly not contemplating this cherry blossom:-) 
As well as my usual Information Systems dissertation supervision, I spent lots of time today moderating assignments for a module I first delivered in the late 90s! Changes in the structure of degrees means that most modules are changing, so it's the last year it is running. Had time for a coffee - I know of Arduino as a programmable electronic device, not an espresso machine.
A display in foam of a  masonry arch bridge. 
The framer for building the bridge. 
Part of the display, with a proposal to build a modern version of an ancient design. 
More on the coffee theme -you don't get coffee with your maths advice unfortunately! 
 A branded Faculty sign…
This day a year ago, I was also seeing student dissertations on a grey day, - in between them I enjoyed the quiet of this N Block courtyard.

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