Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mist, Delicious Lunch - and Finally Sunshine

Our front garden is small, but this year has come together nicely (apart from the bag of coal by the raised bed!) Our daffodils and primroses are out, the tulips are pushing their way up and my birthday rhubarb is very happy
We set off late morning, and spotted this van on the way. I've never heard of Operation Viscount before - "Relentless on cannabis cultivation" indeed!
Coming into Marksbury, the mist made these trees loom over the road. 
We went to the Walled Garden at Wrington - haven't been there for years. This round barn has gone up in the interim (love the door). 
The main doors are pretty impressive - as Su remarked, it's a pity about the plastic drainpipes…
On the wall of one of the craft studios there. RIP Woody. 
 The garden is pretty big.
This is one half of it, and the Ethicurean Restaurant (our destination) is at the top in an original greenhouse. 
We met up with Barbara and Richard for a lovely lunch - the desserts were outstanding. This was Su's, with custard to die for.
My plate of pear, white chocolate and cardamom tart - delicious! 
Came back to Bath and took Bella out into the gradually clearing afternoon. Everything had a hazy quality to it, including Little Solsbury. 
These daffodils have all popped now!
More daffodils with a passing Bella. 
Hope they're not fracking!
The afternoon light was entrancing and showed the Bath skyline off well. 
More blossom in the hedge. 
Looking down the hill, even the flats on Snow Hill looked attractive. 
Pavement art on Perfect View. 
A discrete little sign announcing that this is Donkey Lane Community Garden, with an invitation to join in. 
Haven't seen one of these for a while. One little person has a cold hand?
 An interesting discarded item.
This day a year ago, I was at UWE and admiring this display of bicycles. 

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