Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spring Flowers, Lunch and Cinema Visit

Out with Bella this morning in the drizzle, I noticed that this bollard has rotated through about 90º since I last photographed through it. Today, Bella was in view.
Croci coming out, with some snowdrops still out. 
More croci emerging… 
Snowdrops in full bloom still. 
These mallow are still flowering, and have been all through the winter. 
A riot of flowers in this bed. 
We went down into town, and saw this stencil on the pavement - the festival is on from last Friday until March 9th. 
On the wall of Bath Abbey, noticed this plaque for the first time that delineates public rights of way in the square outside. 
Old advertising painting on the side of this building, and a small shop on the ground floor. 
We then went to Acorn (formerly Demuth's) a great vegetarian restaurant, where we had a delicious belated anniversary meal. This was my first course - cashew and carrot paté.
Su had a spicy parsnip soup. 
Then a really tasty nut roast with smoked parsnip jus and veg. We followed this with a mocca mousse - which I ate before thinking to take a picture!
Afterwards we strolled past Marks & Spencer, which has this strange motto - sounded a bit X-files to me.
After that we went to the Little Theatre where we saw a preview showing of Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel.
This day a year ago, we were down at Chew Valley Lake in unexpected sunshine where these reeds looked great in the sunshine.

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