Friday, 21 March 2014

Trees Covered in Flowers and an Unexpected Rainbow

We went off to the vets with Bella this morning to get her annual kennel cough vaccination. Looked down towards Julian Road and the morning sunrise.
Later on, went for a walk with Su and Bella down the golf course and into Victoria Park. Spotted the first weeping willow of the Spring.
Beautiful blossom. 
The first Spanish bluebells of the year. 
Magnolia buds fattening up. 
More blossom. 
Even more blossom. 
Yet more blossom. 
More big fat magnolia buds. 
And still more blossom. 
More magnolia buds getting ready to burst. 
I'm used to seeing these vehicles in Greece, not the local park.
Anemones carpeting the grass beneath this tree. 
Walking out of the park, saw these big black clouds. 
Even more when we turned round and looked the other way across the golf course. 
A poster urging people to write to the chair of the planning department to protest about plans to chop down 46 healthy mature trees for a development by the Royal High School. 
Made it back to the car just in time to avoid a hailstorm of biblical intensity. It passed by the time we got home, and then the sun came out and this doubled rainbow fragment graced the skies.
This day a year ago, it was my last day teaching at UWE and I saw this student with winged feet.

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