Saturday, 1 March 2014

Systems Normal - All Frosted Up

Catching up with my blogly duties, a report on the last few days. On Thursday, we went down into town in the morning where we saw a few interesting sights. I thought these might be my next wardrobe additions...
A new addition to one of the little lanes - opening soon. 
Must have walked past this quite a few times, and never noticed it till Thursday. 
Another historic inscription?
We went to the Little Theatre to see Monuments Men - a sort of Dirty Dozen of the art world, but enjoyable enough and based on a true story (very American, as you might expect).
In the afternoon, I had an appointment at the Neurosciences Department about my sciatic nerve issues (floppy foot mainly, even after the operation of a few years ago). On the way out to meet Su, I was struck by the unfortunate name of this building (guess it's named after an individual, rather than a description?).
Spotted on the pavement yesterday - a scary monster… 
 Out in time for St David's Day today.
Out and about yesterday, sat behind this amusing logo for a little while. 
We went up to Monkton Combe to this excellent address. 
Afterwards, came back to Prior Park garden centre, where I spotted this guide to yarnbombing faces! 
The skies were quite doomy yesterday evening. 
This morning, the sun was bright as the lid of cloud gradually dispersed. 
Great light at the back of the house. 
It had been a cold night with frost on the cars. 
Lovely misty aspect in the distance. 
The cold hadn't adversely affected the sprouting mosses. 
Frosted leaves. 
All the details picked out by the frost. 
Spotted on the back of a camper van - one for Richard Parker. I liked the Bilbo's Trading Co sign.
Nice example of pavement art from one of our young neighbours. 
Lovely skies as the evening came on. 
This day a year ago, I was also suffering from some kind of virus which sent me to my bed after I spotted this barrier surrounded by barriers.

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