Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sun, Flowers, Butterfly - It Must Be Spring!

Happy International Women's Day!

We went to the Farmers' Market down at Green Park Station this morning, where we saw some amazing biscuit-based confectioneries.
Back at home, I looked out of the bathroom window, and spotted this crow stripping twigs from our birch tree, presumably for nest-building. A year ago yesterday, I also saw a crow doing the same thing - guess it must be the same crow, on the same schedule!
The sun has shone all day. Sitting in the front garden admiring our new ranunculus flowers, we spotted a newly emerged butterfly…
It was sunning itself, possibly drying out its wings after emerging from its chrysalis. 
The berries on our mahonia show why it is sometimes called a false grape. 
After lunch, we went to the tip. Trees along the entry road have been cut, affording this close-up view of the old gasometer. 
Joy of joys! 
Out with Bella this afternoon, I admired these catkins. 
I was really struck by the profusion of snowdrops in this small front garden. 
Apple blossom in full show. 
The sun caught the colour of the larches in the woods above Charlcombe valley. 
More catkins glowing in the sun. 
This day a year ago, we hosted an International Women's Day Fundraising party for Oxfam and collected about £350. 

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