Saturday, 29 March 2014

Visited in the Sunshine and Buddhist Bunnies

A bright and warm day - lovely to have the door open and to go out without a coat at last!
Down at Morrisons, I saw this cat food - surely the advertising executive who dreamed this name up was suffering from a severe case of species confusion. I've seen a cat swish its tail, but never wag it…
Ben and Lena have been here for the day, so not many photographs as we have been too busy nattering:-) Lena described somebody as a bit of a "raincoat", which we eventually decoded as an "anorak", as well as coming out with "Buddhist bunnies". Maybe you had to be there… We went for a walk, and I liked the look of these silver birches in the afternoon sunshine.
This day a year ago, we crossed the plains of Gloucestershire on our way to Westonbirt. 

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