Thursday, 20 March 2014

Van Wording, New Waitrose, Pirates and Dinosaurs

The day started with Rob coming to sort out the leak under our bedroom window that the winter's rains revealed to us. This is the sign on the side of his van - highly recommended if you want work doing in the Bath area.
Out with Bella I wondered what the recyclers would make of this mug with broken handle?
Pretty flowers in a neighbour's garden. 
Another van with a noticeable name - one of many today.
Not sure if I'd want them to work on my shower (I know what they mean, but the wording could be better…). 
And another van that made me think that is probably not advice to be followed… 
Later on, we set off for the council recycling facility at Saltford, before going in to the opening day of the new Waitrose at Keynsham. The Co-op is dead - long live Waitrose. The car park was full to bursting!
A sleeping pirate in the queue for the checkout 
And another van with unfortunate wording - we all have our off days, but naming a road after them is a bit much! 
Out with Bella again this afternoon in the cold before the downpour, the blossom in this hedge is fading and the leaves are coming out.
Bella catching her breath by this orderly border of daffodils. 
A new sign up on St Stephens Green - I've not seen one of these before. 
Pavement art by Zoe - guess she likes cats and elephants.
An advert for a sale  - run by enterprising Alice.
Our artist neighbour's recycling bin - dinosaur time! 
This day a year ago, I was in my last week of teaching at Kaplan College and admiring the UWE crane being deployed to clean out the gutters of Q Block. 

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